Crop Bytes Crypto Video Game CropBytes is pretty exciting if you have been looking for a real income producing crypto game. The game has been around for over 4 years and is a stable gem of a game. Sure, most days you will only play for a few minutes to feed your animals and collect their extracts (like wool, milk, eggs, etc.), harvest/plant/water your plants, and sell your extracts for CBX or USDT. However, some days you will spend more time, usually to research which asset you want to purchase next with your profits to further increase your daily income! In our testing we have been surprised by how quickly you earn that income... by no means is this a get-rich-quick scheme but it still beat many of our other "passive" investments (not financial advice.)

Of course it's not all quite so easy, each of the animals and crops that you grow also have real costs, such as water, feed, etc. So, there is a good deal of thought that should go into each asset that you purchase, are the asset extracts worth their daily cost? Not all are! Take the time the research them, this game has many real-world qualities and should probably be avoided by those who are unable or unwilling to do that research... of course, you can always ask for help on their responsive Discord: Crop Bytes Discord. They also provide support on their site and Telegram. They give you a free set of trial assets that last for about a week... those trial assets generate actual extracts that are worth real money (not a lot.) If you decide to get serious about this game then let us suggest that you get the Starter Packs, as they tend to be the best bang for the buck, but can only be purchased one time.

Even though CropBytes isn't really a competitive game, there are some player-to-player interactions. For example, the assets and extracts that you buy and sell are sold via a market, you literally sell those to other players at the prices that they are willing to pay for them, or you can set your own price, in the hopes that the demand eventually reaches your price... it's a real market, driven by supply and demand! There is also another way to get assets, called "Asset Mining" which is sometimes a better deal than buying from the market. Doing asset mining requires doing several "jobs" (a fun fishing minigame) which you can do solo, but requires some time to do solo, or you can pay a small fee to have other players do the job for you to get your asset faster. These jobs allow other players, even zero investment players, to earn CBX (the crypto backing the game). This further stimulates the in-game economy and creates the only form of competition in the game (if you can call it that), where players try to be the first to grab those jobs. There are usually more people hunting for those jobs than there are jobs available so you have to be quick if you want to grab one (they don't pay a whole lot but further increase the profitability of your farm.)

Finally, if you haven't registered yet, let's help each other get a permanent asset (like a sheep) by signing up through my referral link: CropBytes. This permanent asset lasts beyond your initial trial week and could produce an income for the rest of your life... and this just for being active during your trial week (actually the trial is about 10 days long).

I can keep going here, but in the end, you just need to try it for yourself... so go ahead and give it a try, it's completely free to do so! If you have more questions feel free to reach out to me on the CropBytes Discord, I go by the gamer tag Epic Pants... or hit us up on Facebook.