Town Star NFT Game Welcome to the real-life version of Farmville. Townstar actually comes from the founder of Zynga and the creative director of Farmville 2. Townstar's challenge comes from balancing the many moving parts of the production of certain goods. For example, if you want to make a cake, you need to have batter and sugar. Well, to have batter you need butter, eggs and flour. To have butter you need milk, salt and sugar. For all of this you need farmers gathering wheat and sugarcane, then windmills to turn that into flour and sugar. You also need ranchers who are feeding and otherwise tending to your animals producing the milk and eggs. You also need loggers to gather the wood for various needs. This then becomes a delicate balance of adding (or sometimes removing) the various crops and buildings necessary to facilitate turning all of this into cake! You can also choose to do wine or blue steel which needs a whole host of other types of things... all in the hope of outproducing your neighboring towns to get into the top spots and getting paid real cash for your effors.

Townstar is fun but it is also hard to be very good at it so be sure to checkout their Discord channel for help: Gala Games Discord You can also help yourself by getting some of their NFTs (you get a "free" one by becoming a Gold member (~$50 one time fee)). For example, by becoming a Gold member you get the Express Truck NFT which will let you instantly build a delivery driver that gets your goods to town faster or you can buy a Wheat Stand which reduces the amount of wheat your animal feeders and windmills need.

Finally, if you haven't registered yet, help us get our next fountain NFT by registering via our referal link: Gala Games

Good luck out there and maybe I will see you on the leader boards competing with me, look for Epic Pantsville. Or say hi to me on the Gala Discord, I go by the gamer tag Epic Pants.